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Sleep Is a Game…

by verdemama on October 4, 2010

…and we’re losing terribly at it. The only thing worse than having jet lag is having a toddler with jet lag. We’re still desperately trying to get our days and nights straightened out (and to get a decent night’s sleep so our brains are actually functional again).

In this pic, Orion is playing his new favorite game, “Nigh Nigh,” where he gets on the bed and demands to be covered in pillows, then laughs like a maniac while jumping up and down. Despite the name of the game, there’s no actual sleep involved.

We were constantly on the go in Prague, so much so that Orion would take his daytime naps in his stroller after passing out from sheer exhaustion. I would keep right on pushing him along, pounding the pavement as I took in every block of the city. We usually ended up getting to bed much later than his normal bedtime as well, so I think he’s gotten used to needing less sleep. (Excuse me while I go beat my head against the wall for letting this happen.)

Now that we’re back home, he seems to think sleep is optional. He didn’t take a nap today and it didn’t even faze him.

Last night was rough—he got up around 2am and was ready to party. I feel like tonight’s going to be better though. Please god, let it be better.

I’ll post some photos tomorrow. Pinky swear!

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