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On the Charts

by verdemama on February 17, 2011

Have I ever mentioned I’m a diehard Etsy addict? I just can’t seem to quit it (here’s one example here, and I have lots more to show you soon), but that’s okay with me because I would much rather support indie artisans than the same ol’ same ol’ big box stores you see on every corner.

One of my more recent purchases is this adorable bicycle growth chart, now hanging in Orion’s room. (I tried and failed to snap of pic of him standing by it… Let’s see YOU try to convince a two-year-old to stand still long enough to measure him AND take his photo.)

I loved the idea of a canvas growth chart because I had been wanting to document his growth but I wanted something portable that could come with us should we decide someday our little house is too small for us. (It’s starting to become too small for our growing family already.)

The day before his second birthday we Sharpie’d his height onto the chart—35 inches, which was confirmed at his pediatrician appointment today. (He’s 70th percentile for height, and at 31 pounds, is 82nd percentile for weight.) He’s a big boy!

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