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Giveaway || Reed’s Rx — CLOSED

by verdemama on January 18, 2011

I believe I’ve mentioned once or twice here how excruciatingly nauseating the first trimester of this pregnancy was for me. I could barely eat a damn thing — thank god for green smoothies, or this kid would have received zero nutrients during her first few formative months. It seemed like I went days, and even weeks, without a single morsel of food passing my lips. (With the exception of Popchips, aka pregnant lady crack.)

Luckily fate intervened. Right at my peak of illness, I was contacted by Reed’s Inc. — makers of the awesome Reed’s Ginger Brew that I have been enjoying for years — to review their new product, Reed’s Rx, an all-natural anti-nausea elixir comprised of ginger, honey, lemon and vitamin B6 that offers relief of pregnancy nausea, motion sickness and upset stomach. (They don’t come right out and say this, but I’m guessing it would make for a swell hangover helper as well. Not that I would know.)

And, lo, it was good. Each little can of bubbly, gingery Reed’s Rx offered me a very welcome (albeit temporary) moment of reprieve from my relentless urge to purge, and was tasty to boot. (I liked it over ice, which tamed the sweetness a bit. I’m not a fan of sweet drinks.) If you know anything about me all, you know that I’m a big fan of natural remedies, so Reed’s Rx was exactly what I was looking for.

Not only is Reed’s Rx is offering a $1 off coupon for a 4-pack of their magic tonic, but I have three 4-packs to give away to readers. Simply leave a comment before Jan. 28 to enter. Good luck!

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