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Family Planning? There’s an App for That

by verdemama on July 26, 2010

In Apple’s quest for total world domination, they’re willing to go just about anywhere and everywhere—including our ovaries. Okay, I keed, I keed. What I’m actually trying to say is, iPhone apps are amazing tools and there is literally an app for pretty much everything under the sun, including family planning.

Case in point: The Ovulator app. ($4.99)

I should mention I’m currently using this fertility charting app to not get pregnant (sorry, mom), but that will change soon enough. With Ovulator, you punch in your period info, and the app does the rest, predicting when your next period is, when you’re ovulating and even if your pregnancy is likely to result in a boy or girl, based on your conception date. (It’s worth mentioning that this app works best for ladies with normal cycles.)

Moms-to-be who are serious about conception can also track basal body temperature and keep detailed records of all manner of cervical excretions. (Apologies to the handful of dudes who read this blog re: the excretion talk, but what do you expect, really? You’re reading a mom blog!) Ovulator is also password protected, which is nice for keeping peeping toms out of your lady business, but the name, Ovulator—which will be boldly displayed on your iPhone home screen—definitely isn’t subtle.

Ovulator isn’t the only family planning app out there—it just happens to be the only one I’ve tried and I’m pretty happy with it. There are dozens of other fertility charting apps out there, including some here and here. A Google search or iTunes search will turn up many more. I’ve noticed fertility tracking apps tend to be a little pricier than most iPhone apps (like, around $5) but it’s money well spent. I much prefer this method of natural family planning over hormone-based contraception.

Do you already use a family planning app? If so, I’d love to know which one and what you think about it!

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