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Giveaway || EO Natural Bodycare Products

by verdemama on July 19, 2010

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I’m passionate about eating healthy, organic food and using earthwise, skin-friendly body care products. So when I was recently contacted by EO to review some products, I pumped my fist in the air, jumped up and down and then did a back flip into the splits. I love EO and have been using their products off and on for years.

Here’s why they’re awesome. EO (short for Essential Oils) uses the highest grade natural, sustainable and organic ingredients in their body care products. Their soaps and lotions are formulated with pure, therapeutic essentials oils, and the scents? Incredible. Seriously, I wish a scratch and sniff blog post could be possible via Internet. Plus the company is independently owned (which means there is no Wizard-of-Oz-type corporate master behind the scenes fulfilling its own dubious agenda) and they partner with nonprofits so they can do good while smelling good, so to speak.

So without further ado, I bring you EO.

Currently in my shower: EO Products Shower Gel in Grapefruit & Mint. I should start by saying that although I love the relaxing aromatherapeutic qualities of lavender, when it comes to my morning shower, I need upliftment. I need a minty/citrusy one-two punch to pry my tired eyes open, and this particular scent delivers in that department. Beyond the scent, which is happy and refreshing, the gel itself contains a “regenerating complex” which is said to promote skin renewal and health. I can’t yet say if my skin is feeling renewed, but I do know it’s a lovely shower gel with just the right amount of suds, and makes my skin feel super soft. Score one for EO!

In my handbag: EO Peppermint Hand Sanitizing Spray (2oz.). This chemi-free alternative to conventional hand sanitizers uses naturally antiseptic peppermint and organic alcohol to blast germs. The invigorating peppermint scent rivals a 3pm shot of espresso, too, but without the caffeine shakes. Yes, yes and yes.

By the wash basin: EO Liquid Hand Soap in Peppermint and Tea Tree. I know, I know… another mint-scented soap. What can I say—I love mint! This coconut-based soap is so soothing, and cleans hands gently without drying the skin. Another win for EO!

In the kitchen: EO All Purpose Soap in Meyer Lemon truly is an all-in-one cleanser. It cleans everything around the house—from fruits and veggies to laundry—and will probably come camping with us next time as well. It’s gentle to skin and biodegradable to boot.

I love EO and I think you will, too. So now it’s your turn to experience some EO magic! One lucky verdemama reader will win this yummy Bubble Bubble Gift Set below ($35 value), which includes a 12oz. Time Out Bubble Bath in Vanilla & Coconut with Tangerine, a 12 oz. Nighty Night Bubble Bath in Blue Chamomile & Lavender, a 12 oz. Be Well Bubble Bath in Eucalyptus Arnica, as well as Time Out and Nighty Night Bath Salts.

To enter this EO giveaway, cruise the EO website and pick a product or scent that appeals most to you then come back here and leave me a comment telling me what it is. A winner will be selected at random at the end of the day on Friday, July 30th. Good luck!

The fine print: EO provided me with a selection of products for review. The opinions expressed in this write-up are completely my own. No additional compensation was received for this review.

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