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Earth Mama Angel Baby

by verdemama on February 10, 2010

Hopefully you’re not still using conventional skin care products on your perfect little babe’s untainted skin. If you are, please stop. Mainstream baby care brands have been found to contain known carcinogens 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde, among many other nasty and unnecessary chemicals and contaminates.

Happily there are tons of healthier options available, my personal fave being Earth Mama Angel Baby.

EMAB offers a wide variety of totally pure and natural products for both mama and baby, ranging from teas, to lotions and salves, to aromatherapy sprays. Their products received a coveted “0” rating on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep cosmetic safety database—which, if you’re not familiar, is an awesome resource that rates the toxicity of body care products and cosmetics. Zero is the least toxic ranking, while a 10 means you should drop the product and back away slowly.

I received gift boxes of both the mama and baby samplers after the birth of my son, and I loved them so much, I gift them to all my new mama friends now.

Some of my absolute favorite products are the shampoo/body wash and the lotion. The yummy orangey vanilla scent is to die for, but beware—it smells so delicious you’ll need to take care you don’t accidentally eat your baby. The bottom balm works like magic on irritated little hineys and the nipple butter was truly a godsend when I was first getting the hang of breastfeeding and crying over cracked and bleeding nips. They even have a nice soothing salve for your angry postpartum lady bits.

EMAB a little more spendy than your typical drugstore brand, but very much worth it if you can swing it. (The salves especially can last you for a good while if you use them sparingly.)

If you’re curious about how toxic your chosen products are, just punch the info into Skin Deep’s database and find out exactly what you’re marinating your baby (and yourself) in.

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