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X or Y?

by verdemama on January 3, 2011

The long wait is (almost!) over—tomorrow we find out the gender of our babe-to-be! It’s been so weird and annoying not knowing all this time—almost 20 weeks now. (I hate surprises… I want all the details NOW!)

With Orion, we were lucky enough to find out at 12 weeks, when we just so happened to get a really good view of his junk during the NT ultrasound. No such luck with this baby.

I’ve given up on speculating on Baby #2’s gender. With Orion, I felt 100% sure I was having a girl and I just about fell off the chair when the ultrasound tech told me it was a boy. So obviously my hunches mean nothing.

To further confound this gender guessing game, I’ve had two dreams I’m having a boy (so, given my record that must mean I’m having a girl, right?) and the tech at #2’s NT ultrasound said if she had to guess the sex, she’d go with male, considering the maybepossibly somethin’ she saw between the legs. But maybe not. She said it was too early to tell.

So what do you think, girl or boy? If I had to place any bets, I’d say it’s definitely a human child, but beyond that I have no idea.

Stay tuned!

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