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Belly Watch: 38 Weeks

by verdemama on May 12, 2011

Chasing a toddler + 38 weeks pregnant = ridiculously tired. Seriously, I pretty much can’t avoid the afternoon naps these days. I’m like a robot whose power source has just been pulled and I simply shut down, slumped over in my chair if I’m not lucky enough to make it as far as the bed. Other than that, I feel pretty darn good. The sciatica and heartburn that plagued me during my first pregnancy is nowhere to be found, although I do have plenty of aches and pains.

My biggest complaint is that my poor belly skin is stretched to the max and is so, SO itchy. Like, driving me insane itchy. Rip my skin off itchy. I’ve been dousing myself in the Belli Elasticity Oil samples that I picked up at the Pregnancy Awareness Month event I went to in Santa Monica a couple weeks ago — which does help, but the only thing that will truly put out this fire is childbirth. Which can happen any time after the 24th (when my mom arrives in town), as far as I’m concerned.

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