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Vignettes #4

by verdemama on August 24, 2011

Lots of great things going on here at Casa Verdemama. We received a big, wonderful surprise last week when the preschool that Orion has been on the wait list for since he was four months old called to say they have a place for him. (Yes, in California cities you have to put your babies on multiple years-long waiting lists for good preschools. It’s crazy.) It’s an amazing school AND it’s literally right down the street from where we live, so we are over the moon excited about this big change about to take place. More on this later!

I’ve also been super busy planning for our upcoming European adventure, obsessively searching for the perfect apartments, villas and B&Bs to stay in while we traipse across Italy next month. (More on this soon, too! ) I’ve devoted every spare moment I’ve had to this cause, and now that everything is booked, I can breathe a sigh of relief and give ye olde blog a little attention.

So without further ado, I bring you cute photos of my kidlets.

Safety goggles are a must while playing with daddy’s tools.

Do not disturb.

The fastest race track in the ‘hood.

A rare moment of calm in her car seat.

This is what weekend mornings look like.

Plotting. Hopefully for good and not evil.

Toddler yoga. Now with more trucks.

This is how we roll.

Sunday morning tradition.

A happy ending to a very long day.


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