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Sick Baby = Sad Mama

by verdemama on June 16, 2010

A 102 fever snuck up on Orion totally out of the blue Tuesday evening—it’s the first real fever he’s had in his entire 16 months on this planet, if you can believe that. (He didn’t even have much of a fever when he got violently ill on our recent Alaskan cruise.) One minute he was playing and the next he was cranky and whiney and yawning like he was going to pass out right then and there. Poor little fella got a cool bath, some Tylenol and a little mama lovin’ and went down to sleep without a fight.

I was pretty worried at first, but after Erik had a convo with his physician parents, it sounds like everything is pretty normal. Now I’m keeping an eye on things via the infrared camera we have set up above his crib.

Judging by his super chill sleep pose, looks like everything will be a-okay with the little man.

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