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PS: More Italy Photos

by verdemama on October 11, 2011

Usually my favorite photos of our world travels aren’t the many awe-inspiring landscape shots (although though are many, MANY of those). Rather, my very favorite pics end up being the snapshots of people. Specifically, my favorite people—my kids. My family. Occasionally, even, me. (Although in these shots I look as tired as I feel. Damn you, sleep deprivation.)

I was overwhelmed with the prospect of narrowing down the 1,300+ plus photos from our Italian adventures to share here on y’olde blog, but I did pick out a few that made me smile for one reason or another.

Exploring the “streets” of Venice.

I think what really makes this photo awesome is Orion’s finger up his nose.

Mother and daughter at a Venice cafe.

There was a 200-step climb/descent from our Cinque Terre cottage to civilization and Orion wanted to walk (or run) it himself every. single. time.

Poor us. We had to look at this every day during our Cinque Terre stay. (That’s my stepdad in the lower right corner. Hi, Dick!)

One of many, many pizzas devoured during our two-week trek through Italy. See also: sleeping lap baby.

More sleeping baby. She’s just so awesomely transportable and adaptable.

Just plain cute.

See above caption.

Sprinting down the streets of Lucca.

This pigeon in Venice’s San Marco Square thinks my head looks like a nice place to hang out.

The cutest accessory. (And some random guy. Sorry. I probably shoulda cropped him out.)

Three generations.

Outside our B&B near Siena. We didn’t spend nearly enough time at this stop. The landscape was beyond gorgeous.

Blending in with the scenery in Siena.

After almost two full weeks of scorching 90+ degree heat, the weather cooled tremendously during our stay in Siena and we got to break out the handful of warm clothes we brought. (Sadly we didn’t get to use that gorgeous pool in the background. Next time, Siena. Next time.)


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