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Poop Happens

by verdemama on March 2, 2010

Bath time at our casa has evolved into father-son bonding time in the past few months. My husband, Erik, typically gets home late from work, and the nightly bath is part of his quality time with Orion. It works out great for me, because usually by then I could use the break, so I’ll spend that time “relaxing” by making dinner or chiseling dried food up off the hardwood floor for the bazillionth time that day.

I do sometimes miss giving Orion his bath—after all, I was the exclusive bath-giver for the first half of his life and I love the ritual of it, with the lotion and butt balm and all that—and I’ll step in for Erik once or twice a week.

So the other night while Erik made dinner, I gave Orion his bath. We had a great time pouring water in and out of cups, soaking the bathroom floor with splashes and sucking on the washcloth. Orion has recently discovered his penis, and like most boys (and men, too, for that matter—heh), thinks it’s hilarious to play with. Also apparently hilarious is standing up and peeing in the bath water, which he’s been doing a lot of lately, always with an impish giggle.

Unfortunately for us this night, urination’s trusty companion came along as well. I think you know what’s coming next. Orion sounded his telltale grunt, and before I knew it, he did the doo, right there in his mini ocean of tiny tugboats and squirting fishies. I used my mommy ninja skills to calmly yet quickly scoop him up out of the water before the poo submarines resurfaced.

Honestly I can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner, in 12+ months of baths. It did happen with Erik once before (Erik: “Ha ha… he’s farting in the tub! Oh. That wasn’t a fart.”) but I thought I had dodged that bullet. Silly me.

Erik was a true hero and did the dirty deed of fetching O’s turd and cleaning up the tub. Rockstar daddy points for him!

Needless to say, it’s going to be a while before I’ll take a relaxing bath in that tub again.

"Who me? Poop in the tub? Never. Okay, maybe a few times."

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