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Little Big Boy

by verdemama on April 8, 2010

After the 1,280th comment on how crazy Orion’s hair is (“He sure has interesting hair!” “Time for that first haircut, eh?” “Wow, he looks like Rod Stewart!”), I decided it was finally time for a long overdue trim. Behold the “before” pic.

And now for the “after.” (Anyone who’s ever had a toddler knows how hard it was for me to get this photo. The kid will NOT SIT STILL.)

Everyone always asks if it’s his first haircut, but actually it’s his fifth. Seriously, the kid’s been sporting a full head of dark, commanding, politician-style hair since birth, and it’s just been exploding out of his head ever since. See for yourself.

Hi! I’m three days old!

Hi! I’m six months old and I still have a ton of crazy hair!

This cut is his shortest ever by far, and he officially looks like a little kid, which makes mama’s ovaries start to quiver for baby number two.

And he doesn’t just look like a kid about to ask to borrow my car keys, he’s acting like a big kid, too. This week he’s mastering the fine art of standing from a squat—totally hands-free—and does it over and over again, shrieking with excitement each time. Beware: this video might just cause your heart to melt.

I love the primal scream after each successful attempt! YEEEHHHAAAWW!!

He’s also learning sign language. He now knows the sign for “more,” and uses it frequently. He even signs when we’re nursing and I run out of boob juice, which just slays me every time. (I wish I could make more milk on demand, kid, but alas, at almost 14 months the supply is starting to dwindle.)

It’s so bittersweet watching him grow up, and the changes are coming fast and furious these days. I’m treasuring every moment with my little snuggle monkey, and I’m so happy and excited to see what comes next.

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