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Let Them Eat (Healthy) Birthday Cake

by verdemama on February 15, 2010

I must say, it blows my mind a bit to think back where I was just one year ago: a brand-new mama of a beautiful, perfect little newborn babe and suitably scared shitless. Luckily, some primal maternal instinct kicked in, and I managed to keep this little guy safe, fed and happy for a whole 12 months thus far. (With many more decades to come…)

Saturday was his first birthday, and we had a fun little party with a few friends, good food, a monkey cake, and some alcoholic beverages for the grown-up kids.

Above is Orion with “Uncle” Simon, contemplating that all-important first birthday candle wish.


I obsessed over what kind of cake to make him, which is fairly ridiculous, I know, considering he is just a wee lad with no basis of comparison. Many people suggested I just go for the smash cake, but knowing Orion is quite the lil’ foodie already, I didn’t want to introduce white flour and refined sugar just yet. I knew the kid would actually eat the cake, rather than just smearing it all over his face, so I wanted it to be GOOD (i.e. healthy, but tasty, too).

After hunting high and low through every health-conscious, vegan and/or raw food cookbook out there, I finally simply settled on a carrot cake recipe that I’m told is from the famous What to Expect the First Year book (although I have latest edition of that book and I didn’t see it in there). I followed the basic recipe, but I made a few changes, including substituting Medjool dates for the raisins (I have a life-long loathing of raisins. *Shudder.*), using coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, and adding a bit of nutmeg. I used mostly organic ingredients as well. The result was more of a carrot bread than carrot cake, but it was very good.

I made a cream cheese-style icing out of creamy goat cheese (the hub and I are both a bit sensitive to cow’s dairy, but we’re fine with goat and sheep’s milk. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, seriously!), vanilla, agave syrup and butter. The icing is not quite as healthy as the cake itself, but I wanted to appeal to the sugar-jaded taste buds of the adults at the party as well. (Plus I also picked up some gorgeous, not-so-healthy cupcakes from Frosted Cupcakery for the rest of us! I’m not a total health Nazi!)

Orion took a good-sized hunk of the cake, and ate every. single. last. bite. of. it.


Down to the last crumb. And since the cake is so healthy, he can eat it as a snack for the next few days. I’ll probably scrape the icing off of it, though… and then maybe eat it. I’d hate for it to go to waste.

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