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When Exactly Did This Happen?

by verdemama on March 1, 2010

As if I needed another reminder of how fast time is flying by, Orion has recently graduated to a forward-facing car seat—a position earned by being older than one year and heavier than 25 pounds. It was just two seconds ago he was a tiny peanut being devoured by his enormous infant car seat. Now, more and more when I look at this little guy, I see a full-on KID, rather than the baby I cradled not so long ago. I’m afraid if I blink once more, the next thing I see will be him in the driver’s seat and me staring at the back of HIS head. (What’s that, ovaries? You say you’re warming up for another one? Soon, my pretties…)

It’s appropriate, really. A new year, a new view. Here’s to facing life head-on, little man.

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