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10,000 Photos

by verdemama on April 20, 2010

My little man used to LOVE the camera. I’d be in his face all day long with either my Canon SLR or my trusty iPhone, and he would just eat it up, flashing me his (formerly) gummy grin and being his usually hammy self. As a photographer’s subject, he delivered the goods. But for the past few months, this is more the norm:

Most of the shots I have of him now are either blurry (the kid moves FAST) or of the back of his head (which is cute, sure, but I prefer seeing his baby blues and squishy cheeks) or, if I’m lucky, this serious side profile thing he’s been doing lately. Now when he sees me coming at him with a camera, he turns away like a brooding teenager. Maybe I overdid it, photographing every second of his life? Ten thousand photos of him in my iPhoto library suggests that that might be the case.

(The Paul Frank PJs are cute though, no?)

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