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The One Where the Bird Landed On My Head

by verdemama on August 4, 2010

Day Three of solo parenting called for a new strategy and a new attitude. Monday and Tuesday beat the living bejezus out of me, so there was no way I could handle another day like those. No hanging out around the house waiting for bedtime today. No sir. Today was Operation: Constant Activity.

After a shaky morning of non-stop tantruming (him, not me), the most ridiculously uncooperative diaper change ever, and me getting purposefully clocked in the head with a wooden train, we headed out to have lunch with my friend, Molly. After lunch we checked out a park we’ve never been to (he’s completely sick of the one by our house, so a little change of scenery works wonders) and after that we went to the aquarium, which he always loves. We didn’t get home until 6pm, and then Skyped with Erik, had dinner, played in the yard and finally enjoyed a long bath—and I even got in the tub with him. We read our pre-bedtime books, even though he wouldn’t sit still for them, and when he asked for an extra cup of milk I simply gave it to him, without trying to convince him he didn’t need it. And then? Bedtime, with minimal fuss. (Translation: wine party for mama.)

It certainly wasn’t a perfectly easy day, but it was a complete 180 from the prior two days, all because I let go of any expectations I had and just went with the flow. Sure, he still got to bed 45 minutes late, but it was so much more peaceful this way.

And to tomorrow, I say, “Bring it.” (Okay, maybe that’s a bit much… Please be gentle!)

On a side note, when we walked into the Lorikeet exhibit at the aquarium, a bird landed on my head (look closely, it’s not a great shot) and just decided to chill out there for a few minutes. That’s a good omen, right?

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