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by verdemama on July 13, 2011

I’m a big advocate of attachment parenting and babywearing. I did it with Orion and I’m attempting to do it with Juna. My trusty Ergo has been a constant companion for O and I on our many adventures, and I am hoping it will be the same for Juna. Just one problem. Orion FUH-REAKS when I wear Juna. I start putting on the Ergo with the intention of wearing Juna, and Orion starts shrieking and insists that I give him a “ride” first. So, while Juna cries, I strap on Orion and give him a quick trot around the house in an effort to stave off a full-fledged lunatic toddler meltdown—which is WAY worse than a baby crying.

Orion also believes in attachment parenting. Only the best for his little Cookie Monster.

(I’m still laughing at my former self for thinking life with a newborn is hard. Life with a toddler is way, WAY harder. What a rookie I was.)


Many of my parent friends who still have only one child are always asking what it’s like having two kids.

Here’s the scoop.

Having a toddler and a baby means having to constantly do triage. Who needs what the most? Baby is crying? Hold the baby. Toddler is shrieking and threatening to throw pea soup all over the dining room rug? By all means, put the baby down and attend to the toddler.

Uh, hello? What about me?

As a mother, I am—of course—overcome with guilt that it’s come to this. I just can’t seem to give each of them what they need at the same time. Not yet anyway. (Hopefully I’ll be able to pull this off someday. It gets easier, right?) Attending to one seems to inherently mean that the other is being ignored. I’m bouncing back and forth between the two of them like some un-showered, frizzy-haired crazy woman whose only refuge is a beer and an episode of Glee at the end of the night before having to wake up and do it all over again. .

Some days, like this one, are all about survival. Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart.

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