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One Month

by verdemama on June 27, 2011

Here we are, coming on one month of life with Ms. Juna, so you would assume I might want to go on and on about how sweet she is, or what a great sleeper she is, or how my heart has quadrupled in size since her arrival. (All that is true.) But, no. Orion is still the sheriff in this neck of the woods. And he doesn’t want anyone to forget it. <Insert tantrum here.>

Orion’s interest in his sister is… How do I put this? INTENSE. I’ve heard from other parents of two-plus kids that often the older sibling will ignore the younger sibling, but that is NOT the case with Orion. He is always wanting to touch/kiss/hug/play with the baby. (“I touch Baby Juna now?” is his mantra these days.) Unfortunately his affections often come out a tad, uh, aggressive, I guess. Needless to say, we have to keep our eyes glued to his every move, because even the most brief and well-intentioned kiss can turn into injurious headbutt. Most of his interactions with the baby result in screams from Juna and reprimands from mama and dada. Poor lil’ guy just can’t win these days.

He loves his sister so much, but he’s also incredibly jealous and vies for our attention in maddening ways, such as whining, flailing, shrieking, throwing things, generally misbehaving, testing boundaries, etc, etc. We feel badly having to scold him so much lately, because he’s clearly feeling insecure, but he has some moments of extreme acting out that we can’t just let slide. Hopefully we move through this phase quickly, because I miss my sweet little guy who I know is still in there.

He’s had to grow up a lot this past month, for better or worse. Part of me is quite sad because it feels like we’re having to say goodbye to baby Orion to make room for Orion the kid, all while he’s stuck in this weird limbo between the two worlds. I’m sure all parents go through this when they have second children, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

In other news, Erik went back to work today after taking a full month off. The past few weeks we’ve been enjoying some family time together, taking field trips around LA—things he usually doesn’t get to partake in because he works so much. It’s been great having him around, especially for Orion’s sake. And who am I kidding? For my sake, too. Juna is a piece of cake but as mentioned above, Orion has needed some extra, uh, attention lately.

And of course, I can’t not mention Juna. I’ll be back with an update on her soon; she is doing great, and finally coming out of that newborn coma and spending more time alert and interested in everything going on around her. Plus, she’s a total doll, no?

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