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No Sleep Makes Mama Something Something

by verdemama on March 18, 2010

I used to be a champion, world-class sleeper. Afternoon nap? Yes, please. Sleeping in ‘til 10 on the weekends? Duh. There was absolutely nothing better than curling up with the kitty and checking out for an hour or ten.

Sadly, those indulgent days are long gone for me.

My kid is the worst sleeper ever. Ever since he was a tiny newborn, he preferred to be in the center of the action, never wanting to miss a moment, even if he was blindingly, crazily exhausted. And even if he was exhausted, he never went down without a fight. Every nap and bedtime was, and is, a huge production, requiring any combination of nursing, rocking, bouncing on an exercise ball, back rubbing, miscellaneous cajoling and sometimes (often) all of the above.

We’re talking before every nap, and every bedtime, I spend no less than a half hour each time (and upwards of an hour or more) trying to coax him to sleep. If I were to add up all the time I’ve spent trying to get him to sleep, it would equal several months of my life.

And even with all this effort put into lulling him to sleep, there’s no guaranteeing he’ll stay asleep. No, not for the lightest sleeper in the known universe. Once he’s nursed/rocked/bounced to sleep, all household activity must cease. There will be no loud noises, no housework, no showering (because each of our showers border either side of his room, and the water whooshing though is REALLY LOUD in there), nothing. For if there is a disruptive sound, doorbell, phone call, unfamiliar voice, door shutting, etc., He Who Does Not Sleep will awaken, and even if it has only been a 10 minute nap thus far, will not go back to sleep.

This week has been even worse than usual.

I am a staggering, babbling, un-showered zombie because for the past seven loooong days and night, he’s been even more of an insomniac baby than ever before. He’s only napping about 30 minutes during the day, and has been waking up every night for at least two hours at a time, sometimes after I’ve only been asleep for 45 minutes. I’ve adjusted to giving up the naps and not sleeping in, but this two-hour wake up period every night is killing me. I feel like I have a newborn again. MAMA GO CRAZY. I am dangerously, stupidly tired.

The happy news is that he has at least one molar to show for this past week of sleepless hell. (It seems like it’s been so much longer than one week!) Hopefully there are more in there—seeing as how he tends to sprout multiple teeth at once. Baby shark won’t let me see in there without a fight though, so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

So if you want to know why I’m not writing much lately, it’s because I’m using every ounce of my energy to not go completely off the deep end.

I’ll get back to regularly scheduled blogging again soon, that is, if I don’t end up at the funny farm first.

Good thing this kid is damn cute.

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