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New Kid on the Blog

by verdemama on January 28, 2010

Meet my tiny human, Orion. Light of my life. Cat terrorizer. Biter of nipples. Disrupter of slumber. He’s also a heart-melter, boob aficionado, unapologetic flirt and a fabulous, albeit sloppy, kisser. In other words, he’s got me and every other lady he meets wrapped around his chubby little finger. Future heartbreaker, they call him, although I hope he lets ‘em down easy. He’s just shy of being one year old, and lawd-a mercy, I can’t believe how fast this past year has gone by. Despite lack of sleep, food-splattered walls and floors, and me sometimes wanting to scream and pull my hair out, near tears myself, this beautiful year has zoom-zoom-zoomed by me, and I’m left standing by the side of the road, hair mussed, wondering what the hell just happened. All in all, he is a remarkably easy-going little dude, a nice blend of my mellow reserve and my hubby’s gregarious ADD. Life is GOOD and I fully believe that motherhood is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

I’ve forever been batting around the idea of starting a blog to share all this goodness, but couldn’t find the time until now. Up until a few weeks ago, I was juggling full-time work as editor for healthy living site with full time mamahood. I was fortunate enough to work from home, and while trying to balance work with caring for a baby was a recipe for crazy, it was the best possible situation I could find myself in. The kind of opportunity most moms would kill for. Even if it means bidding adieu to daily showers and fully embracing the 24/7 PJ look.

Apparently the time to start a blog was about six-plus years ago, seeing as how all the domain names I wanted are taken. (Oy! What I went through to choose a name!) I’m super late to this party, but I hope to make a fashionable entrance.

Writers are always told to write what they know, so I’ll be talking parenting, health, food, beauty, fashion, yoga, current events, pop culture and my vain attempts to have a life outside of the rainbow-hued confines of Kiddieland. Thanks for joining me.

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