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Just Sayin’ No

by verdemama on August 8, 2010

“Orion, do you want (fill in the blank) for lunch?”

“Want to get in the car and go for a ride?”
“No! No!”

“Okay, Orion, time for bed!”

We have officially entered into the thick of the “no” phase.

Orion’s been whipping out this two-letter refusal at just about every opportunity lately, whether he truly means it or not. It’s kinda surprising actually, because we really don’t say “no” very often… or, at least, I didn’t think we did. I mean, we stop him from causing harm to himself or another person, but other than in potentially dangerous/destructive (or insanity-inducing) situations, he really doesn’t get reprimanded very often.

But in the past few weeks, it seems as if “no” is his new favorite word. It’s hard not to giggle sometimes; he sounds so funny when he says it — in a deep, raspy pseudo-howl reminiscent of Chewbacca. It’s even funnier when he even scolds himself with an admonishing “no-no-no”, usually when he’s considering doing something we’d likely disapprove of, such as eating a days-old raisin off the ground outside

He even says “no” at seemingly random moments, like when he’s just hanging out playing with his trucks, which makes me think maybe he’s batting around a few naughty ideas in his head. Hey, at least the kid has a solid conscious. Hopefully that will serve him well in life.

In the meantime, we’ll ride out this “no” phase and see where it takes us.

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