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And Suddenly, Everything Was Awesome

by verdemama on April 14, 2011

I figured I should end this week on a high note, especially since my little man was absolutely delightful today. Seriously, he was just charming in every single way — loving, affectionate, cooperative. He even let me get him dressed! And we walked to the park (holding hands, even)! And it was his idea! Exclamation marks!! My friend on Facebook said something to the effect of, “They can sense when you’re about to drop them off in the woods somewhere,” and maybe she’s correct. Something certainly changed in him today.

So, since I’ve been complaining a lot about my kid lately, I figured I should probably follow that up with how awesome he can be. Such as:

~He’s so independent. He wants to do everything himself (which can be both maddening/messy/dangerous and completely heart-meltingly adorable).

~He’s now calling me mommy, rather than mama, for some reason, and sometimes even mom. I have no idea where he got this. Sometimes he calls me all three names in the same sentence, ala this classic clip from Family Guy.

~His vocab is EXPLODING. Seriously. He’s talking in sentences and soaking up new words like a sponge on the daily. He hears a new word and BOOM, it’s been added to his lexicon. Today I grabbed a quick shower while he was watching a video and he came running into the bathroom to tell me the UPS man just left a box outside our front door. He said the words, and I understood them. It was a flawless communication, and totally blew my mind.

~He wants to feed me (like, put his food in my mouth) and share his toys with me. Such a sweet and generous little soul.

~And he’s freakin’ adorable, and even when he’s a moody teenager toddler, he wants to be with me every second. And I love him to pieces.

In the above pic, Orion was putting peas in the dinosaurs’ mouths and then eating the peas directly out of their mouths. Just thought you’d like to know that, ’cause it’s awesome.

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