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Story of My Life List

by verdemama on March 8, 2010

This post was inspired by Maggie over at, who penned a Mighty Life List of 100 things she wants to do with her time here on this lovely ball o’ clay, and who also—quite auspiciously—has had the privilege of some may-jah corporate heavyweights sponsoring her quest to check a few items off said list. It suuure would be nice to have a few sponsors for my list. Hint hint. (Hi Intel! I love your MacBook processors. Why hello, Verizon. I’m really enjoying your FiOS TV and Internet.)

Anyhoo. Without further ado, sponsored or not, here is my Life List. I could only come up with 71 so far, and I didn’t want to simply pad it out to artificially reach 100. (A hundred items is actually REALLY hard to come up with! Try it. You’ll see.) I know I’ll come up with more, and I’ll update my list when lightning strikes.

Jump out of an airplane || Own an organic farm || Learn how to play the guitar || Relearn how to play piano || Buy a house || Start a family || Raise happy, healthy children || Publish a novel || Sell a screenplay || Master an advanced super bendy yoga pose || Travel to India || Have a totally healthy, eco friendly home || Vacation at an eco village in the Amazon || See the Egyptian pyramids. || Attend SXSW || Attend Sundance Film Festival || Attend the Academy Awards || Go paragliding || Have a backyard garden || Get in shape—like hard body, abs of steel kind of shape || Train and run a half marathon (a full marathon would probably kill me) || Take a long road trip in an EV all the way to Maine || Take singing lessons || Make my own cheese and yogurt || Travel across Europe through France, Germany, Austria the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and Scotland. (I counted these countries individually.) || Dinner at elBulli || Swim with dolphins || Voluntourism in an impoverished nation || Attend BlogHer || Learn how to speak my mind, even if my voice shakes || Take an acting class || Change someone’s life for the better || Fly a helicopter || Live in California || Take a commercial flight into space (not very green, but oh so fascinating) || See more magic in the world || Keep up on world news on a daily basis || Eat (mostly) vegetarian || Meditate daily || Get out in nature daily || Fly on a trapeze || Safari in Africa || Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef or other cool dive spot || LASIK || Invisalign braces || Climb a major mountain || Ride a bike down a (dormant) volcano in Maui || Learn how to surf well (I know how to surf badly) || Give a homeless person a $100 bill || Help deliver a baby || Attend Burning Man || Have enough money to support my parents || Brew my own beer || Learn how to use my camera better in manual mode || Attend Outstanding in the Field || Own a cabin in the woods/mountains somewhere || Love myself as much as I love my child (children) || Lose the post-baby belly flab || Have a pet goat and let it “mow” my lawn || Sail myself to Mexico

So… what’s on your Life List? Do share!

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