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by verdemama on March 14, 2012

After being MIA from blogging for so long, the hardest part is jumping back in. Do I start with a cute kids post? Or delve into the saga of my paralyzing depression that’s here one day, and gone the next? (And repeated ad infinitum.) I really want to blow the dust off ye olde blog but I just don’t know where to begin.

Maybe just a quick catch up to get warmed up and back on track?

Basically, we’ve spent past two months (or is it three now?) fighting off various illnesses and generally feeling miserable. We all have had some combination of multiple colds and flu and are now, FINALLY, starting to come out of quarantine.

Over the past few months:

Orion turned three years old in February. Whoever it was (all 546 of you) who said three-year-olds are more difficult than two-year-olds, you were so, so right. (Damn you for being right!) O is the moodiest, cutest, most evil, sweetest, most rambunctious, manipulative, cuddliest and smartest little terrorist I’ve ever met before in my life. I have never been so angry—or more charmed—by another human being, all in the course of two minutes. He tests the bounds of my patience and sanity on a daily basis, but when he is being a good boy I somehow magically forget that just moments before I was ready to rip my own face off out of frustration. He’s still attending preschool three days a week for 3.5 hours a pop and he loves it. (And so do I!)

Juna is now nine months old and growing up so damn fast. She loves to feed herself, including dirt, cat hairballs, houseplants, petrified floor food, cat kibble and anything and everything else that’s a choking hazard or otherwise dangerous and/or disgusting. Her mouth is now home to four teeth, with two more chompers starting to poke through. She’s been crawling like a champ since seven months old and is now pulling up and cruising on any furniture or person that will allow her. She worships Orion and follows him around like a puppy, barely complaining as she endures frequent pummelings from dearest big bro. After months of sleep training, her snoozy time is improving but not yet perfect. One day I’d like to no longer look like the walking dead, but for now, under-eye concealer is my friend.

As for me, I have been battling some postpartum depression but I’m trying to focus on the bright spots. I’ll write more about this later but for now I’m trying to get back into things I know will make me feel better, like reading, exercising, showering, enjoying a bit of alone time (courtesy of the kids’ babysitter) and sneaking in a few Friday afternoon happy hours with the hubby (also courtesy of the babysitter).

Life is good. Seriously. Why the hell do I ever complain?

Pics via Instagram (username: verdemama), which I’m having so much fun with. Instagram users, unite!

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