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Busy Busy

by verdemama on September 15, 2010

I’ve decided the only logical way to combat Orion’s aversion to sleeping is to keep him so nonstop busy, he has no option but to pass out from sheer contented exhaustion each night.

To that end, we’ve been playing with friends, attending parent/toddler yoga classes (Orion’s been a fan of downward dogging for a while already and now he’s added “Om” to his vocab), going to baby dance class, bicycling, running, chasing, and climbing everything in sight. Today we went to the LA Country Fair with mama and baby friends and we rode rides, hung out with farm animals (although Orion completely freaked out in the petting zoo… he’s not a fan of goats, apparently), and got sun baked and sleepy.

So far my plan is working—he slept through the night last night. (Although I’m sure by my putting this in writing I’m totally jinxing us for tonight…) More importantly, he’s happy and smiling again, so I’m hoping that means whatever it was that was cursing us has now passed.

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