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by verdemama on November 14, 2010

Like pretty much all parents, I’m always bragging about what a smart cookie my kid is. I really believe it to be true though — Orion’s incredibly intuitive and he understands everything we tell him. (He’s also genuinely kind, gentle, compassionate and giving, but I’ll brag about those traits some other time.) We’ve been talking about how he’s going to have a sibling soon, and I’m constantly telling him what a great big brother he is going to be. He’s been going with us to my OBGYN appointments and has seen a couple ultrasounds already. Whenever we’re out and about and we see a new little baby, he takes a definite, noticeable interest. Even though he’s only 21 months old, the kid knows what’s up.

He’s taken a newly intense liking to his little buddy (my childhood Cabbage Patch Kid), Lars. He and Lars sleep together, and sometimes eat and play together. The other day he wanted Lars to go for a car ride with him, and he went to great lengths to make sure Lars was comfortable and safely secured for the journey.

Fastening Lars in. How do you work this latchy thing again?

A few minor adjustments… by the face, but who cares?

All buckled in and ready to go!

Double checking to make sure Lars is ready to roll. What else might he need? TOYS, of course!

A few more playthings for Lars and now we’re ready.

That should be enough.

All set. Let’s go, mama!

Orion needed help with Lars’ car seat buckles, but he did everything else himself, including setting Lars in his seat, showering him with toys and sitting beside him and buckling his own seatbelt. This kid could end up being a huge help to me!

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