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If You Can’t Make It, Fake It: Organic Baby Food

by verdemama on April 14, 2010

Earlier this week I gave you a basic explanation of how I make Orion’s daily meals, and now, as promised, I offer up some of my fave prepared foods. I’ll always prefer to feed Orion real, homemade food, but sometimes when I’m short on time and can’t make his food, or traveling, or just want to offer him an easy snack, these are the brands I reach for.

Sprout Baby is hands-down my favorite prepared baby food. Not only is it organic, the flavors are fantastic—roasted banana and mango, baked sweet potato and white bean, and peach rice pudding (and others) taste like fresh(ish) gourmet fine dining compared to other prepared foods on the market. The best part is the packaging—BPA-free foil pouches that are great for traveling. I just throw them in my luggage and have total faith they (and the other contents of my suitcase) will come out unscathed. My only complaint is that the selection is relatively limited, and I wish they’d branch out into products for older babies as well.

Sprout has also made it a priority to create the least amount of waste possible; to that end, they’ve teamed up with eco-innovators Terracyle to upcycle used Sprout wrappers into cool new items like tote bags and flowerpots. I like a company that walks their talk.

Earth’s Best is pretty much the gold standard of organic baby food, boasting a wide range of products, from jarred puree, to cereal, to snack foods and more. While I do have a small stockpile of Earth’s Best (along with Sprout) in my pantry in case I run out of my homemade fare, I gotta admit, their jarred food (although a healthful choice) tastes pretty BOR-ING. However, I’m a huge fan of their barley teething biscuits, and have even been known to occasionally nom on them myself. Commence judgment. I don’t care.

HappyBaby is responsible for my son’s current obsession, HappyMelts, aka little freeze-dried yogurt blobs, aka BabyCrack. Seriously, if I carry some of these in my purse, Orion will dig through the depths of my huge mama bag to unearth the HappyMelts and wave them in my face until I open the package and give him some. He’s also enjoyed their HappyBaby Puffs and HappyBellies DHA + Probiotic cereals. They also make some frozen meals but I can’t vouch for those because I’ve never tried them.

These are all fine, healthful choices for feeding your ‘lil imps, but nothing beats the real thing!

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