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Chez Verdemama || Orion’s Room

by verdemama on May 10, 2011

Or I guess I should call it “the kids’ room,” because they’re going to be sharing it in a few months, once Baby J moves out of her co-sleeper in our bedroom.

Anyway, our home tour continues with THE KIDS’ ROOM (gah, it feels so weird to type that).

In my last home tour post, I explained a bit about how we bought and moved into this house just days before Orion’s birth, and how it was in major need of a facelift. The room that was to be Orion’s was certainly no exception. It had god-awful green paint, huge divots in the wall, a BAMBOO MAT STAPLED TO ONE ENTIRE WALL and a huge mystery stain on the hardwood floor.

See for yourself.



Add several coats of paint, tons of spackle for all those staple holes, and a refinishing of the hardwood floors, and we now have this.

I must confess, much of the furniture in this room was either purchased at Ikea (all the shelves), or is used Ikea furniture (the toddler bed) acquired from Craiglist. Not very inspired, I know, but also not devastating when a toddler draws all over it in black sharpie.

The wall decals are from Blik. Considering I was nine months pregnant when we were prepping the house to move in, I couldn’t contribute much physically at the time, but this is the one thing I insisted on doing myself. It was a labor of love.

The Flor rug is a new addition. I have a thing for yellow and gray together.

The crib was handed down from Erik’s eldest sister’s kids, updated with an organic crib mattress when Orion inherited it. It’s still not 100 percent ready for Baby J yet, as I still haven’t decided on bedding for it.

This room has gone through a dozen different iterations over the past two years. The biggest challenge has been finding space for everything to fit, especially with the new baby on the way. (Hence the glider stuffed into the space at the foot of the crib.)

The burp cloth was a gift from my childhood friend Sarah (who also made Orion’s sweet Big Brother shirt seen on the blog a while back) and the pillowcase is from Home Grown Pillows.

Instead of replacing the closet door, we decided to simply hang a curtain, as the room’s already pretty crowded and there’s not a lot of room for a door to swing open.

We’ve rearranged this room eleventy billion times in the past few months trying to get everything to fit, and I think we’ve finally found a configuration we can live with. This room will always be a work in progress but for now, I think it’s a pretty sweet place to be a kid.

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