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The New Stool

by verdemama on October 13, 2010

No, this post isn’t going to be about toddler feces. (You’re welcome.) It’s about the new step stool we got for Orion so he could wash his hands all by himself. We decided to put it in the kitchen so he would have easy access to the sink for hand washing, and I could also use it to finally reach those just-out-of-arms-length shelves in the cupboard. Pretty great idea, right?

Ha! ::facepalm:: Rookie parent mistake, big time. Sure, Orion can hop right up to the sink to wash his hands now, but he can also reach the microwave, the coffee pot, the food cupboards, etc. My little Curious George has been getting into absolutely everything, scooting the stool around the kitchen as needed.

It reminds me of the little red stool my brother had as a child, which now resides in my mom’s kitchen. On it it reads:

This little stool is mine

I use it all the time

To reach the things I couldn’t

And lots of things I shouldn’t

Truer words were never written.

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before he realizes he can move the stool outside of the kitchen and get into even more trouble in other rooms. I’ll be adding this to my running list of brilliant parenting decisions, for sure.

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