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The A.M. Blues

by verdemama on June 2, 2010

I took Orion to the park bright and early today, in all my slobbish, just-out-of-bed glory, thinking surely it would be early enough that no one else would be there. Wrong. As my luck would have it, the place was teeming with showered, makeup-ed, cutely dressed mamas and their equally cute toddlers. How do these women do it? Haven’t they heard that it’s just a random Wednesday morning at the park? Tone it down a little, ladies. You’re making some of us feel bad.

Unless I get up at 6am, which I never would because I value the little bit of sleep I do get WAY too much, I often don’t get that all-important morning shower before Erik goes to work. Therefore, I usually spend the first half of the day looking like I just got back from a camping trip. Eventually, hopefully, the child will take a solid nap in the afternoon and I can hop in the shower. But that doesn’t always happen either.

I’m at this weird point in my life where even taking a simple shower feels like the ultimate luxury. Pathetic? Perhaps. But most days it’s worth the sacrifice. And other days I just put on a hat and sulk a bit.

At least Orion looks cute in the mornings.

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