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Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh at Yourself…

by verdemama on August 20, 2010

Okay, this is the first and likely last time I’ll ever post a photo on the Internet of myself in a bikini (unless I miraculously obtain a smokin’ hot bod that isn’t stretched and flabby from pregnancy), but I just had to show off this ridiculous farmer’s tan I’m rocking this year. (Wait—if it’s in the shape of a tank top, is it still considered a farmer’s tan? Hmm… That’s one to mull over…)

Even though I live only a couple of miles from the Pacific Ocean, I have yet to truly “do” the beach this year. In years past—especially in the seven years I lived mere steps from the ocean’s edge—you would find me there every day, either swimming, or jogging in the sand, or just hanging out with a covert beverage. But this summer has been uncharacteristically cool in SoCal, and I’m just not going to the beach.

I do however still take Orion to the park every day—often twice a day (different parks)—and walk all over town. Usually I’m wearing my regular daytime mom uniform of a tank top and long shorts or short pants. And even though I apply some daily SPF 30, I still ended up with this. Behold. (Please excuse my terrible lake hair.)

Most ridiculous tan lines EVER. Orion’s even sporting a baby farmer’s tan. His is cute though!

You’ll hear from me more later. Wish you were here. Xo

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