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Orion’s Snail, Part Deux

by verdemama on April 11, 2011

Orion’s pet snail is still alive and well! (Despite my best attempts to suffocate it in a jar! JUST KIDDING. Or am I?…)

He’s gotten past his initial squeamishness about it and now has no problem picking it up and poking at its squishy little antennae’d head, loudly declaring, “I touched! I TOUCHED!” Orion is quite the boy, and is into all kinds of bugs these days, especially the caterpillars that are forming their cocoons around our passion fruit vine.

The snail is presumably getting pretty sick of life in a small, glass apartment, as evidenced by his immediate attempts to escape every time the jar lid is opened. I value my garden too much to set the little sonovagun free, so he will remain in Orion’s captivity for the unforeseen future.

(Sorry, snail. Think of it as payback for all your slimy brethren destroying my garden plants over the years. It’s either this or meeting your salty death.)

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