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Oh, Christmas Tree

by verdemama on November 29, 2010

Maybe it’s the raging pregnancy hormones, but I’m feeling extra Christmasy this year.

In our 10 years together, Erik and I had never gotten an “official” Christmas tree; the years we bothered to decorate at all, we used a little potted pine that had lived with me through college. (And has since died. RIP Norfolk Island Pine #1.) This year seemed like the right time to take the plunge and get a real live tree (although since it’s been cut I guess it’s technically dying, right?). I had been collecting ornaments from all our travels and was excited for Orion to help decorate the tree.

Orion was beyond thrilled to take part, but it turns out he is much better at taking ornaments off rather than hanging them. It’s a constant battle to keep him from totally mugging our cute little pine, and after trying to reason with him (and failing), we’ve decided that it looks perfectly lovely with only its top half adorned.

Between the cat and the toddler, I’m hoping this bad boy survives the next few weeks.
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