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I’ve Had Better Days

by verdemama on March 16, 2011

Tuesday was a rough day. Not only have I been completely heavy hearted over the escalating earthquake/tsunami/nuclear annihilation situation in Japan, but things are just a bit off on the home front as well.

Orion didn’t sleep well the night before and woke up in the morning complaining of pain when he pees — and by “complaining,” I mean shrieking and clinging to me nonstop for hours. I suspected it was a urinary tract infection, so we took him to the doctor, got the requisite antibiotics, and headed back home. He took a monster four-hour nap, and I wrung my hands the whole time wondering if it’s really just a simple infection or something more nefarious. You know, typical paranoid parent stuff.

Meanwhile, our beloved babysitter comes over to tell us she’s giving her two weeks’ notice. She’s a college student and she scored an exciting Hollywood internship. Of course, that’s exactly what she should be doing — we never expected her to stay with us forever, but it will be tough finding someone else who loves Orion as much as she does (and he loves her too). We are grateful for the time we had with her, and we’re sad to see her go.

Not my finest day. I was officially down in the dumps at this point.

(Oh, and perhaps it’s worth mentioning that when I came out of Orion’s room the night before, after putting him down for the night, I heard a noise in the kitchen and went in to investigate. Erik had been gone all day and all night for work, so I was all alone when I heard a small sneeze and a clanging of pots. And who do I find but a black cat — some completely random neighborhood feline — chilling out on my kitchen counter top. It sees me and bolts out the window it came in through, and is gone in an instant. I’m not a superstitious person but the weird hilarity of it was definitely not lost on me.)

Things turned around in the afternoon, though, when Orion woke from his nap feeling much, much better. He ate his first meal of the day and only complained of pain a little bit.

He and I walked to the park, and little by little, things started to feel right again.

Orion (plus cheese face) and Lars out for a stroll

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