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Inside My Brain

by verdemama on January 25, 2011

Currently on my mind:

~Preschool. I’m, like, OBSESSED with the idea of preschool lately. I want him to start in the fall, when he’s 2.5 and The Little Lady is about three months old. I used to think I would just send him to whatever preschool is within walking distance, but that idea has morphed into HE MUST GET INTO THE BEST PRESCHOOL IN THE CITY. He’s currently on waiting lists at several schools, and I’m just waiting to hear back from them. More on this later.

~Labor and delivery. Oy. I hate that I’m fixating on this again already, but the memory is still pretty fresh from last time. I plan to have a natural birth like I did with Orion, and now the memory of the pain is washing over me in huge waves.

~Chocolate and other desserty things. I gotta have it every day. My sweet tooth — usually nonexistent — is out of control with this pregnancy. I should just go ahead and name her Clementine, because I’ve been eating several of them each day for the past few months.

~Nesting. My second trimester hormones are right on track — I’ve been going crazy cleaning, purging, reorganizing and decorating the house. I plan to feature some photos of my nesting madness in the very near future.

~Orion’s second birthday, which is in a couple of weeks. Total disbelief.

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