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Hurricane Orion

by verdemama on September 13, 2010

Hurricane Orion, in a rare moment of calm

My brain… has been eaten by zombies. It’s probably dangerous for me to write something in my current state of frazzled, red-eyed, semi-angry exhaustion, but I don’t want you all to forget about me. Sure, I’ll likely say something stupid, publish a few typos for the world to see, etc. but damn it, I’m blogging anyway.

In a nutshell, I haven’t been sleeping. Translation? Orion hasn’t been sleeping. He fights going down at night, he wakes up at 1am, ends up in our bed (pretty consistently for a while now… which I know is only making the problem worse). Then he gets up early, like 6am on a Sunday morning. This has been going on for a few days or weeks or something now. (Can’t keep track because my brain is so fried.)

Lack of sleep makes him moody, as you might imagine, but not moody enough that he might consider sleeping more so he’ll be in a better mood. I know if I’m moody and tired, I go to sleep. (I did in my previous life, anyway.) Toddlers don’t think like that though.

Instead, they act out. They tear through the house like a hurricane, pulling books off shelves, dishes off countertops, and emptying drawers. They dump a full glass of water on your bed, and pound on the stereo receiver when they specifically know they’re not allowed to touch it. They throw food on the floor at lunch, and they want what you’re eating and not what you made for them. They clock you in the face with a metal truck, leaving you wounded and bleeding, and don’t show an ounce of remorse. And that was all before 10am.

That’s what Orion did today, anyway. But he also said the word “helicopter” for the first time, so all is forgiven. Tomorrow’s going to be sooo much better, right?

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