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Head Above Water. Just Barely.

by verdemama on April 13, 2011

Solo parenting of a toddler is a little like treading water — you just keep going through all the motions you know keep you afloat, and when a wave comes crashing over your head you pop back up to the surface, gasp for air and do it all over again. Over and over the waves keep crashing down, and at times it feels like drowning, but you keep treading, and pray for a break in the waves.

Erik has been gone on a business trip since Saturday morning and won’t return until Friday evening. Orion and I are used to him being pretty scarce through the week because of work, but it’s a whole different story to have him not come home each night, at the time when reinforcements are most needed. I’ve never minded Erik’s trips before — in fact, I usually enjoy the time to myself, even post baby — but Orion has been so high maintenance lately, and I’m truly exhausted and hanging onto my sanity with my fingernails.

Luckily we’ve had friends and their kiddos come and hang out with us to keep us company almost every day — which I’m so grateful for because Orion never wants to leave the house anymore. Or get dressed. Or have his diaper changed. And so on, and so on. He’s like a mini Lebowski — if he had a bathrobe he’d probably just wear that every day.

We had a few great days this week, but today the demonic possession hath returned. His behavior just gets weirder and weirder. He screams whenever I turn on music, he’s bossy and demanding, and every thing I do, I do “wrong” in his eyes. He won’t nap, he has to scream and cry for two hours before bedtime every night, AND he’s been waking up in the middle of the night for the past three nights and staying up for several hours. I’m dying. Dead. Stick a fork in me.

Ugh. I’m too tired to even complain anymore. Needless to say, I’ve already booked my massage for Saturday when the hub unit is back in town. He and Orion are going to enjoy some quality time together… whether they like it or not.

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