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Garden of Delights

by verdemama on June 22, 2010

Orion loves to spend time daily out in the garden “tending” to the veggies. See how he expertly picks the chives and feeds them to the eggplant?

Yeah, I don’t get it either.  Cute though. Very cute.

Lately he’s adopted the oh-so adorable ritual of smelling whatever herbs and flowers he sees growing.

Mmm, chives.

Can “professional smeller” be a viable career option? Check out the technique: hand to nose, eyes closed. Orion’s a true pro.

Not all plants excite the ol’ olfactory though.

Chard, for instance? Smells kinda meh compared to its neighboring basil, oregano and chives.

But the bees are right about the lavender. It’s always worth a whiff.

And so we smell the lavender. Every single day. And even though it’s getting weathered by the summer sun, it still is worth taking the time to stop. Close our eyes. And smell.

Now growing: eggplant (Holy eggplants! Woo-ee, we’ve got a lot of ’em!), bell peppers, cucumbers, corn, poblano peppers, tomatoes, squash (acorn and yellow), as well as basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, oranges, lemons and passionfruit. Hooray for backyard gardens!

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