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Free Willy

by verdemama on July 8, 2010

Orion’s latest craze? Running around sans pants. It’s been, uh, challenging to diaper Orion for a good six months now. He thrashes and kicks and flips like a rabid wolverine. We gave up on the changing table long ago; now I let him stand up, and I try to distract him with toys or books. It works for us… most of the time.

Except now he flat-out refuses to put a diaper back on. He runs or crawls away from me, and if I chase him it becomes a game. Fun for him, insanity-inducing for moi. So I just let him run free.

Until he peed on the floor, and crazy mommy wrestled a nappy back on little wolverine.

I’m now off to fantasize about potty training. {Cue dream sequence.}

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