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by verdemama on September 9, 2010



1. small, edible fruits such as blackberries, raspberries and blueberries; 2. Orion’s latest food obsession

Also known sometimes as beebeez

A couple years ago I was out for a stroll in the seaside town we lived in at the time, when a man popped out of his front yard with a container plant in his hands and asked me if I wanted it. It was a blackberry plant he had pulled out of his jungle of a yard, and he was dying to rid his property of its tangled, thorny vines. I jumped on the opportunity, because a) I love plants, b) I love blackberries, and c) I had no idea that berry vines can take over your entire house (and your neighbor’s house, and neighbor’s neighbor’s house, etc.).

The blackberry plant lived in a container on our front porch until we bought our current house in early ’09, at which time it found a permanent home in our backyard (along with a couple other berry vines gifted to us). Now those vines have taken over the entire length of the wall on that side of the yard and are producing tons of fruit. Hello, awesome!

Orion is obsessed with eating the berries right off the vine. Every day he walks over to the berry wall and asks, “Bweez?” (or sometimes “beebeez”) and gets right down to business chowing down on the little fruits. He eats so many that they can’t ripen fast enough for his ravenous berry appetite.

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