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A Pox Upon Our House

by verdemama on February 7, 2011

Oh, hi there. Sorry we’ve disappeared for a bit—we’ve been busy passing the plague around to each other here at Casa Verdemama.

Orion is sick for the second time in two weeks and this one’s a doozy. I went to bed last night thinking he might have croup and that we’d be visiting the doctor first thing in the AM, but on second thought this morning it seemed like it’s just a particularly nasty cold. Poor guy has a stuffy nose, a hoarse little voice and is coughing up a lung—it’s heartbreaking to watch. I’m comforting him the best I can while we ride this out, but I feel like whatever I do is not enough. I sure hope he feels better soon, especially because his second birthday(!) is coming up this weekend.

Rather than leave you with the image of a snotty, sad little Orion, here’s a shot from a few weeks ago of his new “cheese” face he’s working on perfecting.

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