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A Perfect Day… Well, Close Enough, Anyway

by verdemama on March 10, 2011

Today was the first day in a long time that I didn’t have a jam-packed agenda planned for Orion and me. Seems like we’ve been run! run! running! every day, attending our music/gym/etc. classes, going to playgroups, having lunch dates with friends and the like, so much so that it feels like we haven’t had time to just catch our breath, enjoy playing at home and simply BE.

Luckily for us, the weather is crazy beautiful in SoCal right now — mid to high 70s, and not a cloud in the sky — so we spent the entire morning outside playing in the backyard, tending to the garden, eating snap peas straight off the vine and breaking out the kiddie pool.

It was perfect.

Adding to this morning’s awesomeness: Orion peed in his potty for the first time ever, all by himself. He was running around sans diaper — as he loves to do — then went into the bathroom and shut the door. Once he reappeared, I went in to assess the damage, and there it was — pee in his Baby Bjorn potty. And that was that. Give the kid a little privacy and he takes care of business, just like anyone else. I don’t expect repeat performances to be so easy, but it’s pretty exciting to know that he “gets it.”

Really, this morning was amazing — the stuff that warms my heart and makes our decision for me to be a SAHM for a while worth it.

And then it was time for his nap… and things very quickly went downhill. Cue crying, screaming and massive tantruming — for 2.5 hours. Every aspiration I had for the afternoon flew out the window, along with my patience. Just as I was ready to give up he finally showed signs of utter exhaustion, and finally passed out. I won, but I was too pissed by that point to enjoy my victory, and spent the majority of the afternoon stewing over how much of the day was wasted.

Two hours later he woke up, just delightful as could be, and any hard feelings I had vanished just like that. We grabbed some dinosaurs and took them out to play in the garden, and he proceeded to tell me which of them were the mamas and which ones were the dadas.

And it was… perfect.

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