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A Boy and His (Grandparents’) Dog

by verdemama on August 23, 2010

The huz and I have talked about getting Orion a dog… some day. Way in the future. When he’s old enough to care for it. After a magical drug is invented that relieves Erik of his allergic-to-everything-on-the-planet syndrome. Perhaps after our dog-hating cat Emma has either mellowed or passed on. Not that we want her to go anywhere.

But seeing him with my parents’ dog, Danny, makes me wonder if we should wait so long.

Orion and Danny had a great time playing together, chasing bubbles, tennis balls and each other. Orion woke up (very early) each morning exclaiming, “Arf, arf! (Pant pant pant).” He was so excited to go play with the dog he couldn’t even stay in bed long enough for the sun to finish climbing over the horizon. Luckily for Orion it was crazy cute; otherwise I wouldn’t have been so tolerant of the regular 6am wake-up.

I mean, how could you be mad about this?

I’ve always joked about wanting to rent a dog for post-meal cleanups, and now I joke about what a great babysitter a dog can be (seriously, Danny kept Orion entertained for hours and hours). But maybe getting a dog is a better idea than I previously thought. Or maybe I’m high on sleep deprivation.

It doesn’t get much cuter than this, though.

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