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Hands Down, the Best All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

by verdemama on February 26, 2010

{Cue pathetic sniffle.} Today Orion and I are in the throes of cold number two in one month’s time. I used to hardly ever get colds, but ever since becoming a mother I seem to pick up pretty much any bug in a 10-mile radius. It’s likely because I’m not taking the best possible care of myself that I could be—what with never getting quite enough sleep, missing meals, and generally giving up my own welfare to tend to another’s.

Besides vowing to eat better and sleep more in the name of good health, I also need to step up my defenses by keeping my hands clean. Obviously that means more good ol’ fashioned handwashing—which I’ve admittedly been slacking on—but I’m also adding this into the mix:

I’m not a germaphobe (although I’ve played one on the web), and I’m not a fan of conventional hand sanitizers unless I’m traveling, taking public transport or otherwise unable to wash the funk off my hands. Clean George isn’t the average chemi-laden hand sanitizer, though. It’s a hand purifier, see, that shuns potentially dangerous alcohol and triclosan in favor of naturally germ-fighting tea tree, peppermint and manuka oils. And it actually moisturizes the skin nicely, smells lovely, in that earthy, herbal kind of way, and is safe for use on kids. Hurray for Clean George!

No more colds for me. I mean it.

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