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These Pits Don’t Lie: The Best Natural Deodorant

by verdemama on March 30, 2010

I’ll be straight with you: although I enjoy—okay, pretty much insist—on using healthy, chemical-free body care products, I have not been a fan of natural deodorants. I’ve tried a ton of them and they’ve mostly been, well, the pits.

That is, with one exception—Lavanila Healthy Deodorant. It’s free of the aluminum and parabens found in most deodorants, contains soothing essential oils and feels soft and glide-y like a deodorant should. (Because who likes dragging a jagged crystal rock across their pits? Not me.) AND! The scents are totally yummy, and—you guessed it—all vanilla-based.

Not everyone’s going to be crazy about the fragrance. But me? I’m in love. Vanilla has been my signature scent since I was 12 years old and dabbing vanilla extract on my wrists before middle school dances. (Oh boy, did I just say “signature scent”? How very Woman’s Magazine of me.)

Barring 90-degree days or super stressful situations, this all-natural deo works fabulously for me. And as a nursing mom, I especially love that my little guy doesn’t get his face and hands soaked in the chemi-laden stuff. Come July I might have to switch back to some hardcore Mitchum through the sticky summer months, but for these mild spring days, Lavanila gets the job done. It’s a bit spendy at $18 a pop (available at Sephora), but the stick lasts me a couple of months. LOVE this stuff!

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