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Under the Tree

by verdemama on December 14, 2010

Maybe it’s just the pregnancy hormones but I am crazily, recklessly excited for Christmas this year. The tree’s been decorated, Christmas music is playing and it’s everything I can do to not go off the deep end getting gifts for Orion. Imaging Christmas through the eyes of a child is so much fun! I feel like a kid all over again.

I think I’m done with my Christmas shopping for all my loved ones, although it’s so hard to not spoil Orion. I hereby cut myself off from buying him anything else. (Hmm, we shall see…)

I tried to stick to buying mostly healthy, fun, earth-friendly toys for Orion. This is what he’ll find under the tree this year. Don’t tell him!

I love the couple pairs of TOMS I have and these tiny versions are freaking adorable. If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not know how great TOMS are—for every pair purchased a pair is given to a child in need. AND they’re super comfy. I think Orion will love these because he is such a hippie barefoot child and since he won’t wear flip flops (yet) these are the next best thing to going sans shoes.


Manhattan Toy Rumblies Ambulance

We have quite a few Manhattan Toy products—many of them are soft fabric toys, perfect for babies and toddlers. Orion loves his Rumblie Fire Truck and I know my little emergency vehicle-obsessed guy will love his new ambulance as well.


Green Start Wooden Puzzle: Ready, Set, Go

I bought this for Orion months ago at the LA Natural History Museum and have somehow managed to keep it hidden all this time. Orion’s really into puzzles right now and this one features his favorite subject: cars and trucks.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Dinosaur Magnets

Orion is really into playing with magnets right now, so I thought he would enjoy something more exciting than the utilitarian hard drive fragments and restaurant info magnets currently gracing our fridge doors.


Skip Hop Monkey Backpack

I think I’m most excited about this gift! Now Orion can carry his own lunch and toys around in this adorable PVC-, BPA-, and Phthalate-free backpack.


Mary’s Softdough

Orion is finally past the put-everything-in-his-mouth stage so I think some modeling clay is in order. All-natural Mary’s Softdough seems like a great place to start, considering it’s nontoxic and scented with essential oil.


Fisher-Price Corn Popper Push Toy

This is the one truly conventional gift Orion is receiving this year. He played with it at his friend Emmett’s house and hasn’t stop talking about it ever since.


He’s also getting a few books (like this one), a pair of PJs and some stocking stuffers, but other than that, I’m hopefully going to restrain myself from getting him more.

What gifts are you giving this year?

And while I have your attention, check out my friends’ awesome annual beer bottle band Christmas carol. Last year’s offering received nearly a million hits on YouTube! Enjoy.

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