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The Best of Expo West

by verdemama on March 15, 2011

This weekend I made my annual pilgrimage to the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim — a ginormous showcase of literally thousands of organic/eco/healthy goodies ranging from food to cosmetics to housewares and beyond. It’s like trick or treating for health conscious adults — by the end of the day I waddled out with two giant bagfuls of samples, and had eaten enough superfood-laden snacks to meet my spirulina quota for the next seven years. I’ve been going to the expo the past five years or so to check out all the latest and greatest in the world of earthwise products, and it’s astounding to see how the show has exploded in both size and attendance. It’s intense.

Anyway, being that I am seven months pregnant and not as spry as I once was, I only stayed for a few hours and tried to keep my grazing steered towards health, beauty and baby/kid stuff. There was tons of great products — too much to even mention — and lots of the same ol’ same ol’, too, of course. Here are the best of the bunch, in my book.


organicKidz Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

It’s such a simple, obvious idea, I’m befuddled as to why no one seems to have done this sooner. There are tons of stainless steel sippy cups on the market, but as far as I know, these are the first stainless baby bottles. Like all unlined stainless steel, these bad boys are BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free and the double-hulled design keeps liquids cold (or warm) for 5 to 6 hours. Orion actually never took a bottle, but if the next kid is into them, I’ll definitely try one of these.


Kids Konserve Lunch Kit

I’ve seen these around already quite a bit, but given my obsession with never using disposables to transport food — and considering we never, ever leave home without an arsenal of snacks for both of us — I gave these adorable lunch kits a fresh eyeballing. This lil’ beauty comes with a recycled cotton lunch sack, stainless steel bottle and food containers (plus lids), napkin and food kozy.



Another cute on-the-go lunch kit for your perusal — this one comes with a stainless steel food container, matching napkin and bamboo spork.


hellomellow preggo/kiddo Body Care Products
Handmade right here in the LA megalopolis, these yummy products for mama and baby are chock full of such delicious all-natural ingredients — like mango and avocado butter — you may just want to take a bite. (Try to control yourself though.)


Bibity Boo Nursing Covers

Having endured many a toasty SoCal summer day sweating under a heavy nursing shawl with Orion, I was immediately drawn to these uber-lightweight scarf-like nursing covers. Although the many of the designs are just a bit too precious for my taste, the comfy airiness of these covers make up for it.


Verterra Dinnerware

This isn’t technically a kids’ product, but they certainly would work perfectly for feeding little ones prone to dishware tossing. These lightweight, toxin-free plates and bowls are made only from fallen leaves, and they’re biodegradable and compostable to boot.


Birds and Bees Sippy Cup

Okay, just one more sippy cup and I’m done with this topic. These super cute cups by Birds and Bees are free of all the bad stuff and can be fitted with either bottle nipples or sippy cup tops, thereby avoiding the need for eleventy hundred different cups — thereby eliminating the avalanche of sippys that fall on your head when you open the cupboard door. (True story.)

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