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Dry Winter Skin, Meet Your Enemy

by verdemama on February 28, 2011

I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy, or schizophrenic hormones, or the inevitable ravages of aging, or the super hot showers I’ve been enjoying lately, but this season my skin is so dry I’m practically turning into dust and blowing away in the crisp winter breeze.

Luckily, not all hope is not lost. I’m turning once again to my #1 weapon in the battle against dry skin: coconut oil. It’s a pure, unprocessed, extremely versatile natural moisturizer that can be used externally on the skin and hair or taken internally.

Here are some of the ways I use it:

As a massage oil. Great for backrubs with your significant other during a Friday night movie at home. Rawr!

As a basic moisturizer. Just slather some on after showering — et voila! — silky smooth skin that lasts for hours.

As a hair conditioner. I rub a tiny bit between my hands and smooth on the very ends of my hair at night, then wash out the next morning.

As a scrub. Mix roughly equal parts coconut oil with unrefined cane sugar and — well lookie there! — you’ve just concocted your very own fancy schmansy sugar scrub! (Add a couple drops of essential oil in your favorite scent to make it extra yummy.) Use it to slough off rough, flaky skin in the shower.

Keep in mind coconut oil is solid at room temp, but warms up and liquefies nicely simply but rubbing it between your hands.

For cooking and baking. Coconut oil (I like this brand for cooking) is said to have beneficial anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. This weekend I made some banana cinnamon muffins from the new-ish Skinny Bitch cookbook and substituted coconut oil for the Earth’s Balance called for in the recipe (because I hate using a processed food if there’s a whole food option I could be eating instead). They made my skin and my belly happy! Win!

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