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Chocomole, Kid Approved

by verdemama on January 26, 2011

Even though Orion’s second birthday is still a couple of weeks away, we are in the thick of two-year-old-ness.

Aside from the steadily increasing tantrums, stubbornness and other daily tests—as well as the awesome things about having a two-year-old, such as more laughing fits, more spontaneous displays of affection and better communication—Orion has suddenly changed from the kid who would eat anything to Mr. Finicky McGee. Some days are a challenge to get him to eat much of anything at all, and I’m thinking I’m going to have to start sneaking veggie puree into the few foods he still likes to eat.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce Orion to my Chocomole recipe—an avocado-based chocolate “mousse” I featured on this blog a while back. These days he won’t touch avocado with a ten-foot fork but he was none the wiser when it came to this yummy, but healthy dessert.

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